Opportunity to Provide Feedback on Dress Code

Opportunity to Provide Feedback on Dress Code
Posted on 01/28/2022
Opportunity to Provide Feedback on Dress CodeIt has been ten years since Flagler Schools instituted a Uniform Dress Code. Since then, it has been updated and amended several times.

Flagler Schools has now begun the process of taking a closer look at our Uniform Dress Code and is seeking input from our students, teachers, and families. We invite you to take a look at the current Uniform Dress Code, as stated in our Student Code of Conduct. The Uniform Dress Code is found in the Elementary Code of Student Conduct, and the Secondary Code of Student Conduct, on page 13 of each document.

Please use the Let's Talk! form below to provide feedback on the current Uniform Dress Code for elementary and secondary schools. Your comments and suggestions will go directly to our team at Student Services and will be used during this process.

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